Monday, 22 December 2008

Christmas has come early

My new bikes have arrived and I spent the weekend putting them together. I built the 08 Hei Hei up as a training bike and changed the FSA wheels to tubeless Mavic SL's and put on carbon bars and a Thompson stem. Not a bad training bike at 11.3 kg. Haven't pimped up the 09 Hei Hei yet that will be a post Christmas job. Not feeling the best this weekend Kim, Alec and I have had a cold so it was good to spend the weekend in the garage playing with my new toys thanks to KONA. I also got some AYUP lights thanks to Bellie's connections.

Sunday night I was feeling a bit better and eager to test the bike and lights so I did a quick ride around the neighbourhood (schools, stairs, drops etc). I came back raving to Kim about how good everything felt.

Woke up early Monday morning at 4am (this is around when Alec usually wakes for a feed) but it was quiet I was still excited from last nights ride and knew that it was going to be a hot day so I was out the door by 4.15am to ride some single track on my way to work to give the bike and lights a good test.

Test results - Awesome Fun

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  1. Hey... fat guts nice bike and pouch - you'll scare someone with thing. Good to see you have finally been rewarded for all the k's on the pushy! The Dog.. woof!