Thursday, 8 January 2009

Xmas - New Years Holidays

Just got back from a weeks holiday at the Rover Scout Chalet on the Bogong High Plains out from Falls Creek (team Franzke training camp) (my 2 cousins Matt and Ian missed this year, they were skiing powder in the Swiss Alps - dirty dogs).

I rang Luke Fetch (Team TORQ) when we arrived in Mount Beauty so I could organise some rides but no answer. I started riding up the Falls Creek Rd alone and around the first corner ran into the TORQ Team, AJ, Paul Van and others. The company was great.

I spent most days riding down to Mount Beauty for some single track with company. The area was full of athletes (triathletes, runners, roadie, rowers and us MTBikers).

I also got some good riders in up on the High Plains with my mate Row from Canberra.

I finished the week with an epic ride from the Rover Chalet down to Mount Beauty some single track with Row, Paulie, Jack, Tori and others before heading over Tawonga Gap alone through Bright and ending in Myrtleford where I meet Kim.

My new bike felt great on the single track in Mount Beauty and in pro pedal was very efficient on the gravel and bitumen.

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