Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Otway Odyssey

Waiting for the start of the big race with Luke Fetch.

I rode into a deep four wheel drive bog hole at the 40km mark.
Finish the race 9th.

Rode back on the road to Skenes Creek, more up hill than I thought. Had a quick swim with Alec.
Spent the next 2 days recovering from food posioning from Fish and Chips.


  1. It is about time you mountain biking freak started your own blog. I have been following your MT biking feats for so long on the internet. You were a freak at running, a freak at cross country skiing, a freak at fishing, but a terrible green keeper :)

    I haven't been able to say congratulations on your new addition to your family, great to see.

    I wish I could do some rock hopping and catching jungle perch and sooty grunters somewhere up North Queensland way. Even better somewhere way up Davidson Creek in that crystal clear water.

    Keep on riding big fella, you are a legend.

    Say hello to Peter The Dago and what is Matt the Man Whore doing now?

    Great to see good pictures of you at last, all the pictures on mountain bike websites were pretty average.

    Keep it up Captain Nutzo.

  2. When the hell are you coming to Melbourne? Ring me. Awesome to here from you its been a while. Hangen to go fishing with you again.

  3. Mate next time I am back in Australia I will drop you a line. Haven't lived there for over 4 years now. You just keep riding and blogging champ

  4. Evan, Well done on finishing in the Top 10 in the Otways race. Just driving up to Forrest makes me tired!
    Pity about the Fish and Chips!
    Cheers Vicki

  5. reckon you were the real winner of the Otway Odyssey, mainly because you were the only one who had the required first aid, water etc, all others that finished in front of you were breaking the rules, so congratualtions.