Monday, 23 March 2009

6 Hour Enduro at Mount Beauty

Spent the weekend at Mt Beauty for the 6 hour Enduro. Rode a couple of laps on Saturday with my cousin Ian Franzke.
The race started with dark clouds, rain and thunder. The word was that it would all pass fairly quickly. The rain helped settle some dust and cleared shortly after the start. Adam Gibson did a hot lap right from the start and was close behind me after that for the rest of the race. I came away with the win which was a first in the KONA colours and got to defend my title from last year.


  1. You are still a freak, 6 hours in the saddle and you probably weren't even puffing.

    Good job champion and you probably still can run a 30 minute 10klm run.

    GSBT would be proud of you mate. He is probably having a bourbon as I write this looking down on us :)

  2. Doubtful about the run, I haven't put on the running shoes since I started riding seriously. GSBT - I can only remember the first 2 initials??

  3. Gerrad Sebastian Brian Timpson I think, something like that. He was a hell of a laugh