Monday, 6 April 2009

MONT 24hr Canberra (The Bird)

The MONT 24 hour was the first time I have raced in a team. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. The KONA cross country team was all ready to race until 2 weeks out Simon Flower broke his collarbone then 1 week out Geoff Schilg came off his bike ending up in hospital luck to have not done too much damage. So.. we were 2 riders down. Geoff's younger David filled in and Brian.
Our 6 man team consisted of 3 old blokes (Andrew Bell, Brian Johns and myself) and 3 young blokes (Campbell Townsend, Phillip Bellingham and David Schilg). Not that we are that old but the young guys are only 18-21.
We got off to a good start but when the first results were posted we were 20 minutes down. By 1am we were only 2 minutes away from 1st place. This was when I went to bed. I was able to get 5 hours of sleep. Through the night the boys were very consistent and we tustled for the lead until morning. When I woke up it was very close. We decided I would do an extra lap as a couple of crashes and doing the laps in the wee small hours had taken it's toll on the young guys. We ended up coming away with the win 8 minutes up.

1 comment:

  1. You are old, that means I am ready for the pasture.

    I am little disappointed in your team meats efforts my friend.

    You clocked two of the fastest day time laps 45.53 and 46.29 and then also at night time with 49.26 and 49.47.

    Tell your team mates that is they don't start pulling their weight then a big guy from Thailand will be making a trip over to set them straight. :)

    Now I saw that you guys won the 6 packs with 29 laps but the Endura Rockstars had 4 people and rode 31 laps.

    Are the guys freaks, were they drug tested? They must train with Lance in the Swiss Alps. I think you need some of what they eat and drink and it makes them go fast.

    Anyway, good stuff champ and keep up the good work blogging.