Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Resistance Training

I took the little fellow for his first ride in his bike trailer the other day. Hard work for me but not for him he fell asleep after looking a little worried.

The family spent the long weekend down at Forrest. I went out each day training for the Otway Odyssey with a mate from Canberra. The trails were great, pity about the snake I saw on Saturday and the 5 I saw on Sunday.

Thanks to Norm and Jess Douglas for the ride on Sunday.


  1. Whats with those gay baggy shorts. Not very racer boy.

  2. Evan, well done on Alec. I just had a little Felix myself, 23 years after the other one! (who is in Sweden-remember?)
    We ride at Lysterfield Thursday nights year round if you want to roll the legs over, slowly, for 25 k's or so.
    Cheers, Warwick Cannondale